Not all classes available in all locations. Please see the fees and times page for class schedules.

Wiggle and Grow (Ages 1 - 3 years)
Come wiggle and play in this fun "Mommy and Me" style music class. Explore percussion instruments and expand your child?s early literacy skills all while having a great time meeting new friends! Classes are 45 minutes and the perfect introduction to musical themes such as beat and tempo.

Laugh and Learn (Ages 3 - 5 years)
Get ready to get up on your feet and move to music that you and your child will create together! Focusing on vocal and language development, your pre-schooler will get to explore music through pretend play, percussion instruments, pre-keyboarding skills. Classes are 45 minutes long and "Mommy and Me" style. They are the perfect introduction to musical themes such as rhythm and for building creativity skills.

"The Music Adventures" (Ages 5 - 7 years)
Your "big kid" will have so much fun in this play-driven music class! Students will learn basic music notation, musical concepts, and build their vocal skills all while making new friends. Classes are 1 hour long. Instruments that the students will get to experience are the dulcimer, glockenspiel, and the recorder.

Twinkles (Ages 5 - 7 years)
Your "twinkle" will be introduced to the piano through large motor skilled music making, music appreciation, basic skill drills and piano instruction. Classes are 50 minutes long. (book is purchased separately)

Keyboard Kids (Ages 8 - 12 years)
This course introduces beginners to keyboard performance and note reading, including the organized development of pitch, rhythm, solfege singing and keyboard and movement activities. Students are prepared at an early age for continued musical involvement. (book is purchased separately)

Guitar for Children (Elementary Age)
This course will give your child an opportunity to explore this versatile instrument. Basic chording and an introduction to reading will keep your child motivated to learn one of the most popular instruments! (book is purchased separately)

Ukulele 101 (Ages 9 and above)
Learn the basics of the ukulele in this fun and easy class. Learn about your instrument, basic chords and try a few basic songs.

Guitar for Teens (Teenagers)
This course, for the teenager who wants to learn to play, provides instruction in basic chording and an introduction to music reading. (book is purchased separately)

Piano for Teens (Teenagers)
This course is an enjoyable introduction for 13-18 year olds to the fundamentals of basic keyboard performance and note reading. Melody, harmony, rhythm, form and simple improvisation will be explored. (book is purchased separately)