Not all classes available in all locations. Please see the fees and times page for class schedules.

I always wanted to ...

These courses are offered to all of the adults who have ever said "I always wanted to...!" Join other adults in this fun and energetic environment. There is no registration fee for these programs.

...Play Piano
a basic keyboard exploration to get you started playing and composing. This class will keep you involved and enthusiastic. (book is purchased separately)

...Play Guitar
for the adult who wants to learn this versatile instrument. This course provides the opportunity for you to learn with your peers and have fun! Basic chording and an introduction to reading will keep you moving towards becoming an excellent guitar player. You'll learn enough to play hundreds of songs. (book is purchased separately)

New Horizons Band
indulge your passion, whether you've been playing for years or would like to pick up that band instrument after a long rest, you'll find this a wonderful opportunity to enjoy playing with others.

Music Theatre
Ever been curious about taking a theatre class? Want to improve your performance skills or even just try it out to see if it's for you? We will delve into scene study with a performance for family and friends in April.

Music Theory for ages 12 and above
Learn the basics of reading music, some of its vocabulary (the pitch system, beats, rhythms, etc.) and rules for building musical 'sentences' like scales and chords. 50 minutes one time per week.